RSL Care SA War Veterans Home Myrtle Bank

Soldiers Home Opening 24 March 1917

War Veterans Home

The Soldiers Home located at the homestead known as “Myrtle Bank” was officially opened on the 24th March 1917 following 18 months of community fundraising by the Soldiers Home League. It became known as the War Veterans Home, Myrtle Bank. The initial purpose was a home for discharged soldiers and sailors whilst they transitioned back to civilian occupations. Over its long history the War Veterans Home has transformed both in purpose and structure.

In the period 1919-1932 it was a Repatriation Commission hospital, 1932-1954 a Home for Old Soldiers, 1954-1975 an Aged Persons Home. Since the 1970’s there has been significant refurbishment and redevelopment to meet the changing needs and the increasing standards and expectations of Residential Aged Care. The original Homestead was demolished in 2005 to make way for further expansion including the construction of independent living apartments.

For a full history you can purchase from Administration the book “The War Veterans Home, Myrtle Bank, 1915-2005” by Brian Dickey for $5.

In 1996 the RSL SA Branch developed plans for a new residential aged care facility at Angle Park. This facility was known as RSL Villas, now Morlancourt commenced operating in 1997 with 41 beds and expanded to 55 beds by 2007. RSL SA Branch for many years had also operated accommodation options known as Darby and Joan Cottages.

On the 1st of January 2012, the aged care and accommodation operations of the RSL SA Branch were merged with The War Veterans’ Home Myrtle Bank Inc. (WVH), which changed its name to RSL Care South Australia Inc. (trading as RSL Care SA).

Both Boards considered the merger a logical progression as the organisations had similar objectives, shared a common client group, and the WVH was part of the RSL “family”.

Further information regarding the history of RSL Care SA and the many people who have contributed to its success for the past 100 years, visit the RSL Virtual War Memorial website here.