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Looking forward to our next 100 Years at RSL Care SA

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Our Next 100 years at RSL Care SA

Letter from our CEO Nathan Klinge

To all residents of RSL Care SA

As you may have seen in the Advertiser this morning the State Branch of the RSL has been placed into Administration. Whilst this is an unfortunate outcome it has not come as a complete surprise to the Board and Management of RSL Care SA, given that many of the challenges being faced by the RSL SA State Branch have been known to us for some time.

I would like to personally reassure each and every resident and tenant of RSL Care SA that the situation facing the RSL has nothing to do with RSL Care SA, and that we remain a profitable, stable and very well-governed organisation. RSL Care SA is its own legal entity completely separate from the RSL, and we have our own governance structures, finances, and Constitution.

Through sound financial practices and good governance over many years RSL Care SA is well positioned to grow and prosper, and whilst the issues facing the State Board of RSL SA are regrettable, they do not pose a threat to the viability of our own organisation. RSL Care SA remains committed to providing accommodation, services and support to Veterans and the ex-service and wider community, as we have done for the past 100 years at RSL Care  SA.

Over the coming weeks I am sure that there will be much media coverage and speculation regarding RSL Care SA, not only because of our relationship with the RSL but also because we are owed $600,000 by the RSL SA State Branch which is something that we will work with the appointed Administrators to resolve. Whilst this is a large sum of money it by no means places us in any financial risk, so we will simply work with the Administrators to generate the best outcome that we can for our Association.

With the above information in mind I would like to personally reassure you all that your tenures in our Residential Aged Care sites are completely safe and secure, as are your investments in our retirement villages and your tenancies in our affordable housing. We aren’t going anywhere!

I hope that this information is sufficient to give you comfort, however if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Corporate office on 8379 2600.

Yours sincerely,

Nathan Klinge
Chief Executive Officer

War Veterans Home 100th Anniversary

  • War Veterans Home 100th Anniversary

    War Veterans Home 100th Anniversary

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War Veterans Home 100th Anniversary

On Friday 24th March 2017, the RSL Care SA in Myrtle Bank celebrated the War Veterans Home 100th Anniversary of care and support to the veteran community. On the 24th March 1917, Colonel Stanley Price-Weir, Commander of the 10th Battalion, AIF at Gallipoli, officially opened what was called the ‘Soldiers’ Home’.
Exactly 100 years later to the day, RSL Care SA celebrated the War Veterans Home centenary with residents, staff, volunteers, guests and members of the Defence and veteran community.

Andrew Russell  Veteran Living Launched

It was a wonderful evening which also included the launch of RSL Care SA’s veteran homelessness program, Andrew Russell Veteran Living (ARVL). ARVL is named after Sergeant Andrew Russell who was a South Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2002. Andrew’s parents, Bob and Jan Russell, cut the ribbon to officially open the program at the 100th Anniversary.

Miller Mack

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    Miller Mack

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Aboriginal World War 1 Veteran Miller Mack

RSL Care SA is extremely pleased to provide financial support to the Aboriginal Veterans of South Australia Association (AVSA) for the service and reinterment of Aboriginal World War 1 veteran, Private Miller Mack.

Private Mack saw service in WW1 as a member of the 50th Battalion, particularly in France at the Battle of Messines. Miller Mack contracted tuberculosis while overseas, was medically discharged and on his return home, spent some time as a resident of the War Veterans Home. Miller Mack died in 1919 at the age of 25, and was buried in an unmarked grave at the West Terrace Cemetery, not far from many of his fellow soldiers buried in the AIF section.

On Friday 24th March 2017, Miller Mack’s remains will be exhumed from the West Terrace Cemetery and reinterred at Raukkan Aboriginal Community, near the Murray Mouth where he and his family came from, returning Miller Mack’s ‘spirit’ home.

ABC News coverage of Miller Mack reinterred

Immanuel College Art Program

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    Immanuel College Art Program

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Immanuel College Art Program 2017

RSL Care SAs War Veterans Home was very pleased to welcome 48 Immanuel College year 8 students as part of their Art program for 2017. The students will be creating sculptural pieces based on the theme of ‘coming home’ from war and how that how that experience has affected veterans and/or their families.

RSL Care SA CEO, Nathan Klinge spoke to the students about the experiences of many veterans who have ‘walked the halls’ of the War Veterans Home over the past 100 years. The students were then shown around the site, highlighting to them the many pieces of military memorabilia and artifacts displayed throughout the Home.

We look forward to seeing how the year 8 students interpret the ‘Coming Home’ theme and the creative sculptural pieces they create.

Service Voices interview with CEO Nathan Klinge

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    Service voices

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Service Voices Interview

with CEO Nathan Klinge

Radio Adelaide program Service Voices interview with RSL Care SA CEO, Nathan Klinge to find out more about RSL Care SA and the services RSL Care SA provides to the ex-service and wider community.

Nathan spoke with Sharon Mascall Dare – you can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

This was a great interview where Nathan was able to reveal the many services of our organisation. Many people haven’t been familiar with RSL Care SA and our rich history of over 100 years serving the ex-service and wider community.

RSL selling out our war vets

RSL Selling out our War Vets


Click here to view the Channel 7 story

The RSL State Branch in South Australia is threatening to sell war veterans’ homes at Myrtle Bank and Angle Park to fix its significant financial problems, creating uncertainty for residents and putting at risk other war veterans programs. Continue reading…

About us

RSL Care SA believes that the ex-service community deserves the best care and affordable accommodation. RSL Care SA is an independently constituted not for profit organisation with links to the Returned & Services League of Australia (SA Branch).

Our mission is to support veterans and their dependents, although the ex-service community are our primary client group it is not exclusively so. The facilities and services are also available to the broader community.

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